The new masterpiece by the Mike Boone Quintet, entitled Asynchronization Party, is a reflection of Boone’s communal mantra where the whole of the group outweighs the needs of the individual.  The brotherhood of musical genius that is showcased on this album consists of Adam Niewood on tenor saxophone, Elliot Bild on trumpet, Neil Podgurski on piano, Mekhi Boone on drums and Mike Boone on bass.  While Mike and Mekhi Boone might be the nucleus for the formation of this group all members were given an equal voice with Elliot’s “Asynchronization” and Podgurksi’s original, “The Party” being the in the inspiration for the title and Mike Boone lent his knowledge to the process, arranging some of Elliot’s tunes.  Young drumming sensation Mekhi Boone showcases his compositional talents with “Patchwork” and “Jomol’s Ladder,” further cementing the fact that he is a young talent that will continue to rise and will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.          This album was put together under the duress of the pandemic, where the band had to rehearse separately, and then just an hour before the recording.  Mike tells of his granddaughter explaining that Asynchronization is learning on your own time, but with a deadline, and that is exactly what was manifested with this record.  Through the trials and tribulations of the pandemic we are fortunate enough to receive this wonderful musical offering that will be loved my many.