On Saturday night 10/2 after attending a friend’s wedding in New Orleans, Carlos was making his way to meet a friend for a goodbye drink. He was crossing the street when he was hit by a drunk driver, going the wrong way on a one way street at 25 miles per hour. The driver is facing criminal charges. Carlos was rushed to the ER where he was diagnosed with dislocated shoulder, a skull fracture ( which is affecting his right ear and hearing) and some bleeds in his brain caused by the severe impact of the crash. Carlos was admitted to the Trauma ICU at New Orleans Medical Center and spent a few days at the hospital. He is currently still in New Orleans waiting to feel better to fly back home to New York and start his recovery amongst his dogs and close friends. Though we are thankful that his prognosis is to hopefully make a full or near full recovery, the road may be long and difficult. In addition to the obvious expense of 6 days of medical care in the facility we are facing many more doctors visits and treatments in NYC will be costly. Though we hope it will be soon , we are not sure when he will be well enough to return to work, be able to play and take care of his two dogs. We have received so much emotional support from friends and family in NYC and all over the world, we are so thankful to you for lifting our spirits in these difficult times. As you would imagine, Carlos is worried about the financial implications of this event and so we have decided to reach out to our community for financial support to allow Carlos to focus on only one thing – getting better.