Earshot Jazz Interview With Nick Roseboro

February 13th, 2013

Catching Up With Nick Roseboro

Interview by Paul r. Harding

I remember three little cats with trumpets – Owuor Arunga, Carter Yasutake and Nick Roseboro. Kassa Overall, the drummer presently with the great Geri Allen, was also present. These names would become familiar in the jazz community of Seattle and beyond. I met them when they were barely in their teens at an open mic session I used to host at the old Mecca in Seattle. Fortunately, I recently caught up with the quiet one, Nick Roseboro, here in NYC.

Born and raised in Seattle, Roseboro moved to New York City the August before September 11th. He was walking across the RFK “Triboro” Bridge when he saw the Twin Towers come flaming down. Over the next decade, he resided in Harlem working with legends and new geniuses like Rachael Z, Joe Chambers, Omar Hakim, Billy Harper and Reggie Workman.

Now, fast-forward to the front room of my humble apartment in the Bronx, where I was proud and eager to talk with Nick about his Passageway (Truth Revolution Records, 2012).

Read the Interview Here

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